Visit Okinawa Japan -Four Seasons 2020ver


Revised Version 2020
Learn more about Okinawa :
Okinawa Prefecture forms the southwestern tip of Japan. It is comprised of 160 islands and has a population of approximately 1.4 million. Okinawa is located along the similar latitude as Hawaii, Miami, Cancun and other popular world resort areas. Due to the subtropical oceanic climate, it is warm even in winter, with an annual average temperature of approximately 23°C and water temperature of around 25°C.

In Japan, the landscapes change their appearance as the seasons go by… The scenery, joined by the flavours and experiences that are typical to each time of year create a whole atmosphere we call “”SHIKI TORIDORI””. Here in Okinawa, the unique wonders of each season await you. Come and join us in this tour of “”the four seasons in Okinawa”””